Stoneware Bird Feeder with Jute Hanger

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Attract feathered friends to the outdoor space with this Stoneware Bird Feeder with Jute Hanger. This lovely bird feeder has a tan reactive glaze that gives it a unique and rustic look. The round shape and the large opening make it easy for birds to access the seeds inside. The jute hanger hangs it from a tree branch, a hook, or a fence. Create a farmhouse, coastal, modern, or boho vibe in the garden or patio, this bird feeder will fit right in. It is made of durable stoneware that can resist weather and wear. It measures 6.75 inches in diameter and 3.25 inches in height, making it suitable for small to medium-sized birds. Give the backyard a cozy and inviting feel with this Stoneware Bird Feeder with Jute Hanger.

6-3/4" Round x 3-1/4"H Stoneware Bird Feeder w/ 6-3/4"L Jute Hanger, Reactive Glaze, Tan Color (Each One Will Vary)

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