Signature White Ruffle Collection by Coton Colors

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Lend beauty to everyday meals with our Signature White Ruffle Collection. A timeless design customers will reach back to again and again for effortless entertaining.  The gentle curves of our signature ruffle edges bring forth a casual elegance to your dinner table. The Signature White Ruffle Collection transforms a typical meal into an extraordinary one. From dining to décor this group transitions seamlessly into every part of your home.

  • Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe, microwave safe

Available in:

  • Small Flare Bowl - 7.5in Diameter x 2in H
  • 6" Bowl - 6in Diameter x 4in H
  • 9" Bowl - 9in Diameter x 5.3in H
  • Salad Plate - 8in Diameter
  • Dinner Plate - 11in Diameter
  • Knob Serving Spoon - 10.1in L x 1.9in W
  • Knob Serving Fork - 10.1in L x 1.9in W
  • Cream and Sugar Set -  5in L x 3.5in W x 4in H,3in L x 3in W x 4.5in H
  • Domed Butter Dish - 7.8in L x 4in W x 4in H
  • Salt and Pepper Set - 3in L x 3in W x 3in H
  • Appetizer Spreader -  6.1in L x 1.1in W
  • 15" Oval Platter - 15.5in L x 10.5in W
  • 16" Skinny Tray - 16in L x 5.5in W
  • 13" Round Platter - 13.5in Diameter
  • 13" Casserole - 13in L x 9in W x 3.5in H
  • Gravy Boat - 8in L x 3.5in W x 4in H
  • 11" Best Bowl - 11.3in Diameter x 3in H
  • 13" Best Bowl - 13in Diameter x 3in H
  • 11" Pasta Bowl - 13.8in L x 11in W x 2.5in H
  • Dipping Bowl - 4in Diameter x 1.8in H
  • Footed Trifle Bowl - 9in Diameter x 7in H
  • Pie Dish - 12in Diameter x 3in H
  • Ruffle Vase - 6.5in Diameter x 7.8in H
  • Round Ruffle Picture Frame -  7in Diameter. Frame Opening: 3.75in
  • Bridesmaid Picture Frame - 7in L x 7in W. Frame Opening: 4x4
  • Ring Dish - 3in L x 3in W x 2.4in H
  • Rectangular Ruffle Frame - 13in x 11in
  • Spoon Rest
  • Mr & Mrs Square Frame
  • Ice Bucket - 8" Dia x 9.5"H

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