Paper Napkins, Set of 50

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This set of 50 paper napkins with an abstract design is a stylish and eco-friendly addition to any table setting. The disposable, biodegradable material is easy to clean and maintain. The abstract design features multiple colors and shapes, creating a modern and artistic effect. The napkins can be used for serving snacks, drinks, or desserts, or as a decorative item or gift. They can suit various decor styles, such as modern, abstract, boho, Scandinavian, or cottagecore, and create a cozy atmosphere. The napkins measure 6.5 inches in length and width when folded in half. This is a beautiful and fun piece that will add some beauty and freshness to the table setting. 6-1/2" Square Paper Napkins (Contains 50 Folded Pieces) available in the following designs: 

  • Abstract Design, Multi Color 
  • Bee Pattern
  • Flower Vase

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