Cast Iron Taper Holder

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This brown cast metal taper candle holder is a stylish and elegant way to display the taper candles. It features a sleek design with a brown cast metal finish and a round base, making it a strong and durable material. It has a hole at the top for inserting a taper candle, creating a warm glow in the space. This holder can be used for romantic dinners, cozy evenings, or festive occasions, adding sophistication and ambiance to the décor. It can blend well with various styles, such as Scandinavian, boho, global, modern, or French country. This cast metal taper candle holder is a perfect gift for those who love candles and elegance.

  • 5-1/4"L x 3-3/4"W x 15-1/4"H Cast Iron Taper Holder, Matte Brown

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