Handmade Snowflake - Revival Style

Handmade Snowflake - Revival Style

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9 Inch 3 Row

The Augusta Training Shop artisans impress us every day with their skills and creative visions, and perhaps nowhere is their talent more apparent than in their snowflake work. After soaking thin strips of wood, they gently work the pieces into intricate and delicate snowflakes of all sizes: some are perfect for Christmas ornaments, others function well as unique tree toppers, and others are ideal for wall hanging and art. Each snowflake is a true labor of love, presenting a positive challenge for their artisans as they work the material with patience and precision. While many of their employees specialize in weaving, others contribute to the process by cutting and soaking the wood, tying informational cards to the artwork, creating postcards for inclusion in the packages, and packing boxes for shipping. When you purchase a snowflake from Augusta Training Shop, you are inspiring confidence in the ATS artisans, encouraging them to be proud of their work, and enabling the ATS organization to reach more people, bettering the lives of countless individuals.

The Augusta Training Shop is a homegrown, locally-funded and operated charitable organization with no connections to any national organization located in Augusta, Georgia. One hundred percent of its funding comes from the community from fees for services provided to our customers, grants, private donations, unrestricted donations, ministry outreach from local churches, fundraisers, aluminum can recycling, United Way contributions, corporate sponsorships and gifts of services, materials, etc.  

D&G is proud to partner with The Augusta Training Shop and supports its daily mission.

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