Chjldren's Puzzle Track

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Available in two Styles:

  • Racecar - The Racecar Puzzle Track is a thrilling toy for children! It features a track that can be effortlessly put together and taken apart, giving kids the freedom to design their own racecourse. The set includes vibrant racecars that can race around the track. And there's more - this toy also offers a puzzle component! Children can utilize their problem-solving abilities to connect the track pieces and construct the ultimate racecourse. With the Racecar Puzzle Track, kids can enjoy hours of entertainment while also enhancing their creativity and critical thinking skills.
  • 61 1/4" x 4 1/4"

  • Magic Rainbow - The Magic Rainbow Puzzle Track offers endless entertainment for kids. With its colorful track pieces, children can build and create various paths for their toy cars to race on. The puzzle-like design allows for easy fitting of the pieces, enabling kids to come up with countless track designs. What makes this toy truly magical is that the cars light up and leave a trail of rainbow colors as they race on the track, creating a mesmerizing light show. This toy is perfect for imaginative play and guarantees a blast for kids as they race their cars and watch the vibrant lights.
  • 32 1/2" x 32 1/2"

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