Cloudy and hazy days...


Wow!  What a great grand opening week!  Lots of traffic to our on line store!  Congratulations to our first give away winner!!  We are excited about this journey God has led us on.

So, I am sure most of you are ready for Spring.  Don’t forget to visit our Seasonal Page for lots of great Spring and Easter items. 

Happy Easter Bunny Burlee.PNG

But as the days are getting longer and temps are warming, things in our area have turned yellow.  Yes, yellow with pollen!  No need to wash your car these days.  Our family was able to spend most of the day outside Saturday.  Just a walk across the yard, turned your shoes dirty yellow.  Even the sky was a cloudy, hazy yellow.

That reminded me of how cloudy our lives can become.  Becoming so ‘hazy’ we find it hard to enjoy the things around us.  Or at least, our view is blurred.

I am so thankful God’s view of us doesn’t become cloudy or hazy!  He still see us as His children, created in His image.  No matter how dirty our shoes are from those ungodly places we have been or how sin cloudy our lives are, for those who have received salvation, He sees use as white as snow. 

Psalm 51:7

Flowers blooming, Green Grass, Golf, Honey- to-do-list... Ahh Spring is here!


Spring time in Evans, GA… 80 degrees one day and snow on the roof tops the next! Yep, we woke up to snow this week! Good thing it happened during the night or the schools would have closed and the grocery stores would have been raided of all their milk and bread.

What does Spring mean to you? To me Spring is a time of renewal. The dark dreary days of winter are coming to an end. Bright colors begin to emerge, birds are returning, grass is greening and in our area this means… Masters Week (GOLF)!

We are just minutes from the Augusta National Golf Club, home of The Masters!  While many of you are enjoying the beauties of Spring, I am finishing up my ‘honey do list.’  You see, we rent our house out to visitors for ‘the tournament.’ That means my wife has a lllloooonnnngggg list of things to get done.  But it is an exciting time for us. An opportunity to spruce up the yard and change some home décor items out. Hey, I hear that Dust & Grace has some great items! Even a few that would make great gifts for those Masters guests.

Silver Sitting Bunny.JPG
Raised on Sweet Tea and Jesus Tea Towel.JPG

But Spring is more important than all of that to me.  It a season of ‘rebirth’. A time that the beauty of God’s creation bursts forth in its splendor.  It reminds me of how God took me from the darkness of my ‘winter’, changed my season and now His beauty can burst forth in my life!  

In Matthew 6: 25-30, Jesus reminds us not to worry.  Even the lilies of the field are clothed in such glory.  Why should we worry? So, as the flowers begin to bloom and trees blossom, Spring to me is a reminder of God’s blessings and His control.  Even as your winter seems to have a dark and dreary hold, don’t give up... Spring is coming!


Just the beginning: Welcome to the online store of Dust & Grace!


Welcome to our online store! We are so excited about the opportunity to share our interests with you. Over the past few years, we have been searching for those items that make you house a home. Our desire is for each item to trigger some nostalgic reminder of days gone by. We love to see old things made new again!  We look for things that cannot be found in those big box stores; things that we would use in our home. In fact, our home could be used as a show room displaying all of our products!

Until now, we have only been able to share our items with you at a couple local antique/retail stores in the Evans and Augusta, GA areas. In addition, we participate in the Junior League of Augusta’s Annual Holiday Market. Every day, people are always asking, “where is your store?”  “do you have a website?” Now we can say, YES!

While we don’t have a brick and mortar completely dedicated to D&G, we now have ‘opened’ our ‘store’ to you for 24 hour shopping from anywhere!!  And for those of you that are local, don’t worry about those shipping cost. We are offering “Porch Pick-up”…and it is free!!

Please enjoy yourself as you shop! Since we are just getting started, our store may appear limited, but know we will be adding items daily as we grow!!  

Be sure to check out “Our Story” to see how it all began.

- Ashley & Al

Ps… We hope you enjoy shopping from the comfort of your home!